Y is for Yellow #atozchallenge #AZchat

yellowtreesaletagYellow is a happy color. It’s the most luminous color in the visible spectrum and catches the eye more than any other. That probably explains its liberal use in safety signs and sales tags. I’ve never owned a yellow car, but it seems like that would be the safest car color to have.

yellowflowersOne of the four colors of ink in color printing (also known as subtractive color, or CMYK), yellow is used along with cyan, magenta, and black. In theory, when inked on a white background, yellow + cyan + magenta = black. However, ink has imperfect color mixture so black is necessary to attain true black.

Subtractive color’s counterpart is the more traditional additive color model, meaning when light is projected, red + yellow + blue = white.

brickroadI didn’t fully appreciate yellow until I became an adult. I’ve been told that it’s the color of insanity, but that appears to be nonsense. In 1931, color studies were conducted to see what color was preferred by mental patients, but yellow was not the winner. (Blue!)

I’ve been told that the fastest-selling houses are yellow with a red door. I can’t back this up, but the color combination sounds pleasing (as long as it’s not neon yellow)!



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