V is for Volcano #atozchallenge #AZchat

raniersthelensSeattle is parked right between the Olympic mountain range and the Cascade mountain range.

The Olympics are not volcanic. Perhaps that’s another great reason the Cullens live in Forks.

The Cascades, however, contain some very dangerous volcanoes like Mount St. Helens, Mount Rainier, and Mount Baker. Rainier and Baker remain inactive so far, but people are watching closely and planning for the worst.

St. Helens blew its top on May 18, 1980. Go here to see some great photos of a later eruption on July 22, 1980 by a woman who was in the right place (a private plane overhead) at exactly the right time. It used to be a beautiful mountain, just like Rainier…



  1. TuiSnider says:

    I remember when Mt St Helens blew up because – even though my family lived 600 miles away – our little town got covered with a couple of inches of ash. I was walking over to my sister’s apartment, when I suddenly realized that all the birds were going to roost… at NOON! The sky was soon pitch black and when the ash fell, it looked a bit like snow flakes. What an experience! 😀

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