U is for Unplug #atozchallenge #AZchat

I love my technology. It’s extremely helpful with writing, organization, and keeping in touch.

candycrushHowever, there is a darker side to my tech life that includes things like The Simpsons Tapped Out, Farm Heroes Saga, and Candy Crush Saga. These games are very fun to play. They are time wasters. I can’t quit them. (Well, I’ve stopped Candy Crush and Farm Heroes to make time for Tapped Out. I guess that’s something.)

simpsonsI’ve got more of a handle on my PS3. I just don’t touch it unless I have a huge block of time available and nothing else weighing on me. (Yep, haven’t touched it in months.)

My point is, it’s easy to suck away all available time for these games that are not adding any intrinsic value to my life. Time is a precious commodity that marches on, no matter what I’m doing.

unplug!It’s important to unplug for a while every day, to recharge (both myself and my devices). For me, that usually means no internet for a few hours.

Whatever Chris Pine says, especially when he calls me sweetie…


      • rhonda says:

        I hear that! But I did like what you wrote, as well. 🙂 Because I can relate to the things you said, the meme made me laugh. I’m sorry to get sucked away from your writing by Chris Pine, but hey, you’re the one who dangled him in front of me. Ha ha!

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