Ancient York

IMG_0844The City of York, once known as Eboracum, is unique and picturesque. And old. It dates back to Roman times. We’re talking 71 A.D., which is pretty exciting to an American like me.

IMG_0851The old city walls still stand and they’re open to the public during daylight hours. They are well-maintained, if IMG_0852a bit narrow in certain places, and of course there are the obligatory stairs found everywhere in Europe.

Walking the wall is a great way to see the city, and the path is only 2.6 miles around. I walked a portion of it from the train station to River Ouse and then got caught up in sightseeing and didn’t make it around the rest of the way. I’d like to go back someday and do the whole circuit.

IMG_0859I really enjoyed the Yorkshire Museum. It’s an intimate space, but there’s a lot to see. In the main hall, a huge map of Europe shows just how much land the Romans controlled at the height of the empire. On a lower floor, they actually let you walk on an ancient mosaic floor (with protective shoe covering, of course).

IMG_0901An eagle of the Ninth Legion dating from 108 A.D. is on display. At the time, the legion was based in York. It reminded me of one of my favorite books by Susanna Kearsley called The Shadowy Horses, a wonderful novel about the search for their last resting place.

IMG_0874This multi-angular tower outside the Yorkshire Museum contains remnants from three time periods. The Roman portion in the middle was built about 300 A.D. on top of an even older base of stonework, and the top portion was added during the medieval period.


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