S is for Seattleite #atozchallenge #AZchat

over seattleSeattleite: person who hails from Seattle.

Here are a few things I’ve heard people say about Seattleites, and my perspective as a Seattle native. I now live in Los Angeles, but Seattle is my hometown.

Seattleites are distant or cold: Not really. I think of it more as reservedly polite with a strong sense of personal space. Like when I’m in a crowd or in line, I prefer a little breathing room.

belltownI’ve noticed that many others don’t feel the way I do about personal space. Just the other day, I was waiting to put my name in at a restaurant, and a man behind me kept creeping forward and bumping into me. A grown man, pushing forward like an anxious schoolboy at a sweetshop window. Why? No one could have cut in line ahead of him. No one was crowding him from behind. It didn’t make the line go any faster. All it did was make me anxious. (Of course, I didn’t say anything.)

Seattleites wear plaid flannel with sturdy, comfortable shoes: The shoes, for sure, I get that. I have real issues with wearing shoes I don’t find comfortable. Why is it so hard to find cute, comfortable shoes? Everyone would wear them. But I’ve never owned any plaid flannel. (That I can recall.)floating bridge

Seattleites drink coffee all the time: I don’t like coffee. (I think I’m alone on this one, though.)

ferryterminalSeattleites never see the sun: It does rain a lot. So often that hooded raincoats are much more sensible than umbrellas. Umbrellas are just silly. The rain will stop, eventually. During the winter, the skies are gray most of the time. Also, when it snows every few years, it’s a huge deal.

Seattleites wear sunglasses more than other cities: Yes, definitely. When the sun comes out, Seattleites embrace it (for as long as it lasts). I wear sunglasses less often in Los Angeles. Not sure why, because the sun is really bright in California.

Seattleites read a lot: That’s really true for me. There’s nothing like curling up in a chair with a good book next to a warm fire. I grew up using the King County Library System, a chain of libraries that leaves other library systems in the dust. I was super sad when my library card expired.




  1. TuiSnider says:

    Although currently living in Texas, I grew up in Washington State and I often miss the mist! (I miss a lot of things, actually.) Texans are always shocked when I tell them that I never owned an umbrella until I moved down here. When it rains it Texas, it really drenches you!

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