Regency Bath

When I think of Bath, I think of the beautiful Georgian curved facades of the Circus and the Royal Crescent.  The majority of the architecture in town is of the Georgian period.  It’s a gorgeous, very walkable town.

I arrived by train, and my only complaint was that the train station is downhill from where I stayed.  It’s a moderate grade, though, so I just chalked it up to more exercise.  I stayed at the Griffin Inn, a wonderful hidden gem with just a few rooms above a pub.  The staff was friendly and helpful, and the breakfast was great.  I hope to stay there again someday.

Bath-CircusThe Circus is a ring of townhouses surrounding a circular drive.  A slow walk from the Circus to the Royal Crescent takes about five minutes.

Bath-RoyalCrescent2There’s a museum at one end of the Royal Crescent called No. 1 Royal Crescent.  Unfortunately, it was closed for renovations, but I did hit the gift shop along with taking photos.  It’s a very peaceful street.

Bath-OctagonThe Bath Assembly Rooms are just around the corner from the Circus, and they now house a fashion museum.  The rooms have high ceilings with large windows on the second floor.  This is the Octagon Room, featured in Jane Austen’s Persuasion.  Can you picture Anne sitting near the fireplace with her relatives, watching Captain Wentworth arrive?

Bath-chandelierThe chandeliers are delicate and huge at the same time.  I don’t much go for chandeliers, but these were very pretty.

Next week: more of Bath including the Jane Austen Centre, the Pump Room, and Bath Abbey.

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