Q is for Queue #atozchallenge #AZchat

As I pondered what to write for my Q post, I came up with quite a few (quite…heh) and wondered why I never think of that many when I’m playing Words with Friends.

Q is for queue. As in, waiting in line. This photo is the queue I faced on the day I went to Versailles last year. That was a serious queue. And it didn’t end once we got inside. That place is one long queue, from beginning to end…

Queuing is on my mind right now because I have to do it this coming week at the California Department of Motor Vehicles. You see, I didn’t get an alert that my driver’s license was due to expire this year. It’s just luck that I checked, and more luck that I got an appointment for next week. Having an appointment doesn’t rule out the queue, it just makes it shorter. I’ll take it!


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