Well, that didn’t turn out quite how I’d planned. I don’t think I’m cut out for Nanowrimo. At least not in November….I love the concept of it. An entire month focused on making writing the priority? Perfect. But maybe not in November. Maybe I need to try Camp Nanowrimo in April or July. Or maybe I need to just not go nuts in one month, and concentrate instead on keeping my daily appointment with Scrivener.

This month started well. I was making progress on my book…but other things kept interfering. I did manage to write every day, so I achieved my primary goal. I didn’t get anywhere near 50,000 words this month. (I’m sitting somewhere around half that.) But I have no doubt that I’m going to finish that book.

Meanwhile, I got a short story idea. And I said to myself, “Self, maybe you should finish something besides blog posts. Can you manage to finish a short story?” So I switched my focus. It feels right. I will finish and polish my short story by the end of the year. Then I’m jumping right back into my novel, which is still in my thoughts every day.

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