F is for Flower #atozchallenge #AZchat

rainy roseI love flowers. Who doesn’t? They paint the world in beautiful colors and dim the bad smells. (I really appreciate the bad smells part, because my nose is super sensitive.)

disneyflowersI was surprised to learn that a lot of the cut flower business in the U.S. originates in Colombia. Flowers are big business, and it’s a challenge to keep them fresh after they’ve been cut. What will happen in the zombie apocalypse when we don’t have refrigeration? Maybe more of us will cultivate our own flower gardens. But we all know how gardening during the zombie apocalypse ends.

daffodilI’m lucky to live in L.A., home of the Los Angeles Flower District. It opens really early for the flower trade, and the public can enter later for a small fee. I’ve never made it there because I’m so not a morning person, but it’s on my list. Someday, when I have a strong desire for fresh-cut flowers, I’m going.iris For now, I’ll keep taking photos of the  pretty flowers that live around me.




  1. You are lucky indeed… I love flowers, and where I grew up in Mexico there’s no shortage (the city’s nicknamed City of Eternal Spring), but then I moved to Curaçao, this small island in the Caribbean, and it’s all baked soil and cacti. Growing a garden has been a challenge.

    Thanks for the visit over at Life In Dogs , and I hope you had a fabulous weekend 🙂

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