D is for Dumpling #atozchallenge #AZchat

dumplingssoyD is for Dumpling…or really, to me, D is for Din Tai Fung.

If I could only eat one meal for the rest of my life, it might be juicy pork dumplings, Shanghai rice cakes, string beans and broccoli from my favorite dumpling house, Din Tai Fung.

Din Tai Fung is an authentic Chinese dumpling house that began in Taiwan in the 1980s. Most of its restaurants are in Asia, but luckily, there are 3 in greater Los Angeles, and 2 in the Seattle area. If you love dumplings and you’re in Los Angeles or Seattle, then you must go to there! Be prepared, though, because there’s generally a wait. It’s worth it, and they excel at managing the heavy traffic, but don’t expect to just waltz in and sit down at a table.

Have you ever eaten juicy pork dumplings? Apologies to pescatarians, vegetarians, and vegans everywhere, but juicy pork dumplings are a little piece of heaven. They have taken the normal pork dumpling and added broth. It’s so good!

shanghairicecakesWhen I first tried Shanghai rice cakes, I thought of those awful diet rice cakes that people used to eat. These are the furthest thing from that. It’s hard to believe both are made with rice because they taste so different. These rice cakes look like sliced gnocchi or thick pasta. They are chewy, cooked to what I believe an Italian would call al dente. I just love them so much.

On Tuesday I mentioned my abiding love for Din Tai Fung’s broccoli. Well, the string beans are wonderful, too! In fact, most of the time I want to get both. You can never eat too many veggies, right? Especially after all that pork…


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