HEAMy short story, “Hopeful at the Holidays,” is in Holiday Ever After, the third anthology by Los Angeles Romance Authors.

Here’s a snippet from my story:

Ryan Gosling poses, exposing his six-pack (eight-pack?), his unbuttoned tailored white shirt blowing in the wind from the large fan in the studio, the hot lights burning down and bringing a sheen of sweat to his torso like he’s been oiled up. His deep blue eyes bore into me, owning me.

“Girl, you’ve got this,” he says just to me.

I confidently step forward, my eye to the lens, loving him with the camera, immortalizing this perfect moment for all eternity.

I hand the camera to my assistant and go to him, smoothing down a wrinkle on his gray tweed trousers, briefly running my fingers through his hair. For the images, always for the images.

We will tell our children and grandchildren about this moment when they come home for Christmas every year, and the photo will hang over the fireplace in our beach-front home, a constant reminder of our deep and abiding love…

A rush of excitement zipped up my spine, making me tingle. I could almost feel Ryan’s silky-soft hair on my fingertips.

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