Bath’s Roman Spa – and so it begins

Since I still have miles to go before my first draft is complete, let’s just talk about my recent trip to the UK, shall we?

Bath-BathEntranceWe’ll start with Bath, because I grew up on Regency romance novels and any Jane Austen fan will tell you Bath is a must-see.

Bath-RomanSpaOne of the big draws in Bath is the Roman Spa, which dates back to (Captain Obvious) Roman times.  They found a natural warm spring and turned it into a day spa.  Apparently, the Romans liked their creature comforts as much as we do today.  Unfortunately, they didn’t understand that lead pipes aren’t very good for plumbing.

Bath-dioramaThere’s a helpful diorama of what the spa must have looked like back then, complete with tiny day spa patrons.  It looks like clothing was optional.

I stood there looking at it, wondering what sort of spa packages they offered, and how much they charged.

Bath-poolThis is a section that was in heavy use during Jane Austen’s time when one would go to Bath to “take the waters.”  (Yes, they drank that stuff.  You can still taste it today.  Okay, yes, I tried it.  No, it was not good.)

They raised the water levels in the pools and put in seating and rings for all the elderly and pampered gentry to use when getting in and out of the water.  Eventually, this practice fell out of favor (go figure) and they lowered the water level back to what it was in Roman times.  The colors left behind are really beautiful and remind me of the Grand Canyon.

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