A Quick Taste of Brussels

IMG_0770_2When I decided to visit Brussels, I had two goals: find some good Belgian chocolate, and eat a real Belgian waffle. These were excellent goals. I recommend them if you ever find yourself in Brussels.

I started with Musee du Cacao et du Chocolat, a museum of chocolate just off Grand Place. It’s a tiny building with (I think) three levels. It reminded me of an old town house with slightly steep stairs.

IMG_0775_2The entry fee is not too bad, but be prepared for crowds during the chocolate making demonstrations, definitely the crowd favorite. It was so crowded during my visit that I finally gave up on seeing the demonstration and took a tour of the museum.

The displays begin with harvesting the cacao plant and end with a selection of 18th century chocolate pots. There is also a replica of Manneken Pis sculpted from chocolate.

I also saw a display of clothing made from chocolate, but I’m not sure it was a permanent exhibit.IMG_2130

IMG_2131I had two genuine Belgian waffles during my visit. The first was from a vendor very close to Manneken Pis, and it cost €2. It was well worth it. It was freshly made with thick whipped cream, chocolate drizzle, and a tiny three-prong plastic fork. So yummy!!

The other was cooked to order at one of the many stores north of Grand Place. It was also very good, but my heart belongs to the chocolate one. As I walked around eating my Belgian street food, I saw David Duchovny. He looked good.

IMG_2140I found a nice dinner place around the corner from my hotel. I was jonesing for steak frites, and theirs was perfect.

IMG_2138I ordered tea. I knew I was no longer in England when I saw the tea bag and a square of chocolate on the serving plate.

The next day before my train departed, I bought some genuine Belgian chocolate with flavors like lavender that just aren’t common in the United States. All of it was yummy.

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