I’m very excited to announce that my first published work of fiction is available this month! My short story is part of the third anthology from Los Angeles Romance Authors, entitled Holiday Ever After.

This anthology features some really talented writers, and I’m so happy my story has been included with theirs.

Yes, that’s a shameless plug. Please feel free to buy a copy. (All proceeds go to LARA!)

B is for Broccoli #atozchallenge #AZchat

On the whole, I am not a fan of vegetables. Cauliflower? Fine, but raw. Spinach? Definitely not cooked. Carrots? Peas? Yuck! Squash? Eggplant? Radishes? Beets? Pass! But I love perfectly cooked broccoli. For example, pictured above is one of my absolute favorite dishes at Din Tai Fung. My brother-in-law introduced me to grilled broccoli a … Read more

Lowlands of Scotland

Since the Timberbush tour of the highlands was so fun, I did a lowlands tour the next day. We started at Rosslyn Chapel, made famous by Dan Brown’s novel (and the movie), The Da Vinci Code. The chapel has a very strict “no photography” rule, so I was not able to get any shots from … Read more